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American iptv free m3u m3u8 download (21.11.2020)

American iptv free m3u m3u8 download

Below links are for temporary because of they are public and free. If stream freezes or skips to next channel, you need to press loop button on Vlc player as in shown below picture.

Protect yourself with VPN

It is highly recommended that you use a VPN service while using IPTV, especially free IPTV services.

Using a VPN will allow you to go anonymous. Perhaps you already know that your ISP (internet service provider) has absolutely 100 percent access to everything you do while online. They know what you browse, what you install, who you connect with, what you watch, absolutely everything about you. And when ISP knows, the government authorities do as well.

With a VPN, it is a totally different story: your VPN service encrypt your data, connect to your ISP on behalf of you so your ISP no longer is able to locate you or even know your IP address.With a VPN no one knows anything about you; you are now anonymous.

More benefits of using VPN

In addition to allowing you to go anonymous and be out of notice of your ISP and government, VPNs actually serve much more than that. Using VPN, you are able to:

  • Hide your IP address, and no one should be able to identify your real IP address.
  • Unblock content that some content media services block for some countries. An example is you can access Netflix USA even if you do not actually live in the US.
  • Protect yourself from hackers. Well who is going to hack into your device when they do not even notice your virtual activity?

Two VPN Leaders in the industry

Out of all VPN services, I would recommend two almost equally great VPN services: NordVPN and PureVPN.

They have great servers all around the globe, with a good support team.

Best VPN Service

You can download all iptv playlists from below links. Every link has different server informations. If one of them doesn’t work, you can try another link.